Tanit Productions : a full film production service in France and southern Europe

Tanit Productions : a full film production service in France and Europe

We adapt to your culture and economy

Incentives and official contacts

Based on our experience we have build many official contacts with the local authorities and in some occasions we can help your project to get some incentives from the government, tourist or film boards.

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A full film production service

We are able to fix all film projects from simple locations scouting, offering a film location service throughout France and Europe, to complete film production facilities and services including scouting, casting, location permits, crew and equipment, hotel booking, travel ... and a lot more. Based on your information and requests, we will budget your project with the goal to accomplish the shoot within the estimated budget.

Highly experienced

Tanit Productions is a highly experienced french film production service company created 15 years ago with the goal to offer the best film shoot assistance for clients from all over the world wishing to film in France or Europe.

Modernity and enthusiasm

Working as line producer on many feature films and producing more than 100 films commercials, music videos, and stills shoot, the company combines experience with inventiveness and modernity, always trying to find new solutions to production requests with an enthusiastic crew and energetic spirit.

So do not hesitate to contact us because we consider our challenge is to find the best solution to your questions and your production problems whatever they may be.